NO for Greece

Eurogroup reject the request for a one-month extension of the Greek rescue program, convened without the Greek finance minister.

Proposals creditors were rejected by Greece despite the efforts of the Eurogroup said in a final communique from today's meeting.

"Comprehensive proposals" of creditors who were prepared "maximum flexibility" were rejected by Greece despite efforts at all levels and the full support of the Eurogroup, the statement said.

Eurogroup stopped to discuss financial stability in Greece and began to consider measures to support the stability of the whole euro area after the failure of Greek negotiations.

"The management of the eurozone is ready to do everything necessary to ensure financial stability in the euro area," the document said.

For the first time in history, this document was not signed by one of the eurozone - from Greece itself, TASS informs, quoted by BTA.

"The Greek authorities unilaterally left the talks late on 26 June," the document notes.

Eurogroup recalls substantial financial transfers and aid granted to Greece in the last five years (nearly 250 billion euros by 2010).